Electric kettles
Wi-Fi control without additional equipment.
From anywhere in the world.
Any number of users.

The heating mode up to 40° is specially designed for the preparation of baby food.

English STRIX controller: 15,000 boil cycles are equal to 10 years of frequent use.
Bright interior backlight.
High quality tempered glass body.
Instrumental check of homogeneity and purity of glass.
Temperature maintenance function.
Adjustable temperature range from 40° to 100° degrees.
LCD display with backlight and touch control panel.
Easy pouring and cleaning with 90° opening lid.
Switch-on lock without water.

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Electric kettles
Control from anywhere in the world. Unlimited number of users. No additional equipment required.
Wi-fi remote control via mobile app for iOS/Android
Baby food 40°C
Herbal tea 65°C
Flower tea 50°C
Green tea 80°С
Possibility of selecting temperature from 40° to 100°
Water level display via app
Body made of high-quality heat-resistant glass Bright internal lighting
Opening the lid 90° allows for easy cleaning of the kettle and convenient filling of water
Water purification filter
Instrumental testing of glass uniformity and cleanliness
LED display with backlight and control panel
10 years of intensive use
15 000 boiling cycles
English controller STRIX ensures reliability and durability