Polaris is an international brand of household appliances, whose products meet the highest quality standards. The key component of the company's production cycle is the control over the creation of appliances at all stages.Polaris has established itself in the market as a reliable manufacturer whose products have no analogues. Each year, the company develops and patents innovative solutions that enhance the familiar functionality of household appliances.
About us
Polaris is
an international brand
We develop our entire range of products in collaboration with European engineers, ensuring that our products comply with quality certifications.
Quality Control
We ensure quality control through conducting numerous life tests using robotic equipment in our own laboratory.
Innovative Products
Every year, we develop and patent innovative technical solutions that expand the capabilities of our equipment.
Polaris is more than just household appliances. It represents modern tools for solving everyday tasks with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

In 2019, Polaris introduced the production of smart Wi-Fi devices under the IQ Home brand. All Polaris IQ Home devices are controlled via a single smartphone application. Currently, the IQ Home lineup consists of over 30 home and kitchen appliancesOur MissionOur mission is to make your home more comfortable and your life easier. We create modern solutions that allow you to derive more pleasure from life while engaging in your favorite activities.
Our Mission
The Polaris brand is represented
in the following categories
Steam generators, Irons, Steamers, Vacuum cleaners, Accessories
Kettles, Grills, Coffee preparation, Blenders
Control your appliances with voice commands
Polaris products are purchased in countries across Europe, Asia, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), and the Middle East.
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