PHB 1517GL Silent
The Polaris PHB 1517GL Silent immersion blender is a compact and multifunctional device that will allow you to solve even complicated culinary tasks without much noise.

Due to SilentPRO technology It is 2 times quieter compared to older generation Polaris blenders.
It features a high power of 1500 W and a 4-in-1 set: blender, chopper, mixer and puree attachment.
The set also includes a capacious 0.7 liter measuring shatterproof plastic (BPA fee) cup with a splash-proof lid.
The titanium coated 4-blade knife will remain sharp and durable for years.
0,8 l glass chopper bowl is equipped with Double blades knifes.
25 smoothly adjustable speeds and a Turbo mode for efficient operation, which will help you achieve the required consistency.

PROtect+ technology provides overheating and overloading protection.
It extends the life of the engine and prevents its breakdown. 3 year warranty.
PHB 1517GL Silent AS
Operates twice as quietly
Technology Silent PRO
Puree masher attachment
4 in 1
25 speeds with smooth adjustment
Turbo speed mode
Blender Blades 4 Pro TITAN blades with titanium coating
double motor protection
(from overheating and overload) ensures reliability and durability
Technology PROtect+
Double Blades - 4 stainless steel blades positioned in a dual-level arrangement, offering 50% greater efficiency and consistency in mixing ingredients
Spacious glass chopper bowl
0.8 L
Cup lid with splash protection
Suitable for preparing baby food
shatterproof plastic
measuring cup 0.7 L
Blender attachment and whisk made of stainless steel
Convenient to use and clean
Puree / Masher attachment
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