PGS 2277C AS
Ready for use in 25 seconds.
Constant steam supply 40 g/min.
Light indication.
Stainless steel nozzle.
Removable 90 ml water tank.
Additional 1000 ml water tank with automatic water supply.
Can be used without an ironing board.
Safe for all types of fabric.
3 meter power cord.
PGS 2277C AS
1. To fill the main reservoir, lower the steamer into the additional one (without removing the main)
2.The main reservoir will fill automatically
3. Remove the steamer from the additional reservoir and continue working
A special grip sensor stops the water supply from the reservoir the moment you pick up the steamer
2 water reservoirs: 90 ml, 1 L
Automatic water feed
Simply lower the steamer into the additional reservoir
Continuous steam: 40 g/min
Ready to use in 25 seconds
Power 2200 W
Suitable for cleaning and ironing items made of genuine leather
Extended cord:
3 meters
Safe for all types of fabric
Suitable for steam treatment and disinfection of household textiles
Helps eliminate unwanted odors