Electric grills
PGP 3005 AS
4 in 1: Grill, barbecue, mini oven, oven.
3 years warranty.

Panels with a built-in heating element (29*25.5 cm) for quick heating and frying with a crust.
The panels are dishwasher safe.
Up to 30 minutes timer (in 1 minute increments).
Uniform panel heating up to 240 degrees (in 1 degree increments).

Smart display with temperature and time indication.

The full set includes:
  • Baking dish
  • Cleaning spatula
  • Recepie book

Power 2000 W
PGP 3005 AS
Electric grills
4 in 1
Built-in high-power heating elements combined with premium-grade materials ensure restaurant-quality cooking
Even heating of the panels up to 240 °С
Power 2000 W
Steak pro technology
Temperature adjustment from 160 °С to 240 °С
Smart display with temperature and timer control
30-minute timer with 1-minute intervals
Built-in heating element for even heating
Panels are dishwasher safe
Working surfaces open up to 180°
Size of detachable panels: 29x25.5 cm
2 detachable panels with non-stick coating